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Would You Like to GUARANTEE your child the most exciting birthday party ever?

Imagine what it would be like to TRULY enjoy your child’s birthday party. Nothing to set up, nothing to cook, nothing to clean, and most importantly, NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

Sound too good to be true? We’ll it’s not. Our birthday parties are fast paced, fun and full of surprises for a memorable occasion. Kids love our birthday parties because they get to learn something COOL and have a party! The party starts out with a very special Group Karate Lesson chock full of martial arts games and activities (your child will even learn how to safely break a board!) Your child will be the "assistant" instructor for the day and enjoy a leadership role in this fun and exciting Martial Arts Event. After the class, everybody will enjoy pizza and juice and then your child will cut the cake with a REAL SAMURAI SWORD (with the help of one of our Black Belt Instructors)! Don’t worry about cleaning anything up – we’ve got it covered.

The instructors are very energetic and enthusiastic. It will be one of the most thrilling and entertaining Birthday celebrations your family has ever experienced.

Let us make this the best party of your child’s (and your) life! As with all of our award winning programs, all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend! Bring a camera so you can get lots of cool pictures!

Gold Birthday Party with Pizza, Nunchucks and Ninja Throwing Star

Party includes:

  • Foam rubber safety nunchakus for the birthday child and each guest
  • Each child receives a Ninja head band & 1 ninja throwing star (suction cup throwing stars)
  • Cups, napkins, plates, forks
  • Beverages
  • Pizza for each guest
  • Each Birthday Guest gets to win a prize
  • Birthday child gets to Break a Real Board

Cost: $399 for up to 25 guests – $10 per extra guest

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